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Join the Best Teams in Israel

As they Create the Next Breakthrough 

Technology in Datacenter Connectivity

Registration closed

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Can you field it?

Can you Field It?

Two Days of Tech Breakthroughs
Join the BlueField Hackathon & develop the next breakthrough BlueField
technology. No matter what your specialty is BlueField can do it all!
BlueField smartNIC? BlueField for Storage? BlueField for Security?
BlueField for Networking? BlueField Infrastructure?
BlueField reshapes the next generation of datacenter and cloud technologies.
Why should you join the BlueField Hackathon ?

Registration closes on December 30, 2018

►Opportunity to hack in a new breakthrough architecture
►Access to Mellanox experts and mentors
►Enjoy great innovative and collaborative atmosphere!
►Great prizes!
Who should Join?
Innovative software developers, passionate about technology, sof tware and networking, that
develop infrastructure software in these fields:

Network Virtualization, Management and Software Defined Networks (SDN)
Software Defined Storage (SDS)
Security software such as firewall, microsegmentation and forensics
Datacenter infrastructures and VNFs such as load Balancers
We're blue in the face with excitement so register early and guarantee your place with us.

The Judges


Dror Goldenberg

Mellanox Senior Vice President Software Architecture

Dror joined Mellanox as an Architect in 2000 to work on exciting network innovations. Dror drove silicon and system architecture of multiple generations of NICs, Switches and SoCs. Dror ’s main focus nowadays is on software architecture, enabling network accelerations of cool Technologies like artificial intelligence, HPC, cloud, storage, big data, security and more. He has organized more than a dozen Hackathons and loves to enable talents to drive innovations.

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Udi Weinstein

Vice President of Information Technologies

Udi Weinstein, vice president of information technologies, joined Mellanox in 2015 and is responsible for all Mellanox information technologies and information systems. Before joining Mellanox, Mr. Weinstein worked as vice president of information technologies at modu and SanDisk Corporation. Before that, he was the vice president and CIO of msystems. Mr. Weinstein has over 15 years of experience in organization & methods, and in information technologies, mostly in the areas of operation, supply chain and engineering. Mr. Weinstein holds a B.A. in economics from Tel Aviv University.

Amir Fridman.jpg

Amir Fridman

Senior Director, Corporate Development and Head of Capital Investments, Israel. Western Digital Corporation

Mr. Amir Fridman serves as Senior Director of Western Digital Corporate Business Development and manages Western Digital’s Corporate Capital investments in Israel since its inception by SanDisk in late 2012. His portfolio includes nine companies of which three already had exits. Previously, Mr. Fridman served as director of corporate business development and head of SanDisk Ventures in Israel. In addition, Mr. Fridman has served as SanDisk director of OEM strategic marketing, leading a $1.5B revenue business unit long term strategy and product planning . Before joining SanDisk, he spent 5 years at M-Systems in a variety of marketing, business development and strategy roles in Asia as well as Israel. The firm was acquired by SanDisk in 2006, which in turn was later acquired by Western Digital in 2016.



About BlueField

BlueField is the first in Mellanox SoC (System on a Chip) product, integrating Arm cores, best in
class network adapter and powerful PCI into a single chip.

Whether used as a smart NIC, or within a storage platform, BlueField brings a new paradigm to
rearchitect and reshape modern datacenters.
BlueField flexible and innovative platforms bring new horizons to security, software defined
networking, storage and many more workloads.

Want to take part to the BlueField revolution? The hackathon is the right place to start. Join us
to develop Smart NIC and SoC applications and accelerations that reshape the next generation
datacenter and cloud.

Target Applications
BlueField employs Arm cores for great programmability and flexibility while its network
technology provides acceleration for multiple applications on network, cloud, and compute
using ASAP2 and RDMA technology.
Smart NIC applications implementing security, software defined networking, software defined
storage, accelerators. SoC applications for distributed storage, artificial intelligence, video
processing and streaming and more.

Is my idea a good fit?

Think about scale-out data center applications. Think about efficiency. Think about performance. Think about security. Think about virtualization.

If you have the right recipe, if your idea can rock the boat, then you’re on!
You can use open source projects, or code that you developed before the Hackathon as a
baseline. However, you will be scored only on code written during the Hackathon.


Taking existing applications and making them per form and scale is invaluable, as this will
enhance the data centers and clouds of tomorrow!


We recommend (but are NOT limiting) the competition to areas of innovation in the following
fields: Software Defined Networks, Software Defined Storage, Network Security, Artificial
Intelligence, Video Processing and more.
Smart NIC applications implementing security, software defined networking, software
defined storage, accelerators and more.
SoC applications for distributed storage, artificial intelligence, video processing, streaming and more.

Judging Criteria

Innovation – project ’s originality in terms of idea and implementation
Product Potential – project’s real implementation value, usefulness and sustainability
Presentation – impression from team presentation and demo
Execution – how much was actualized within the Hackathon dev cycle
Complexity – Extra credit for more complicated implementations
*Note that not all the criteria carry the same significance.

Event Details

Thursday, January 24th
9:00 AM Starting
Friday, January 25th
2:00 PM Ending

You want to learn more? The community is creating amazing solutions on top of ARM cores, just google the open source solution that you’d like to use whether it’s the next-generation firewall or a distributed storage, and follow the instructions how to run it on our ARM v8 CA-72 cores (AARCH64).

To learn more about the BlueField software click on the link and you have access to all our resources including BlueField latest software release, drivers and BlueField Software User Manual.

BlueField as a SmartNIC

BlueField is a multi-function PCIe end-point device in the SmartNIC case. Host-side (x86 machine connected to BlueField via PCIe) drivers support access to BlueField and enable you to write a Host application that interacts with the BlueField software, this is the basis to create offloading solution in which the server applications are using BlueField core power for different infrastructure use cases.

BlueField enables the ASAP2 and the RoCE technologies that accelerate your networking workloads.

What to Bring

Bring your laptop, mouse, keyboard, and monitor. We’ll bring the rest!
Great atmosphere and food are provided throughout the event. You may remotely connect to any
computing resources located on the cloud. We will provide the teams with setups with remote


Setups Available
We will provide participating teams the option to use our equipment. We will have 3 different
setups to choose from, that will be accessible over the internet, preinstalled and preconfigured.
The BlueField will run CentOS 7.5 operating system.
You shall be able to select a setup during the registration process.


Available setups:
1.Host with BlueField Smart NIC connected back to back to a host with ConnectX-5 NIC
2.Host with BlueField Smart NIC connected back to back to another host with BlueField Smart NIC
3.BlueField box with NVMe drives connected back to back to a host with ConnectX-5 NIC

When does the Hackathon event end ?

The Hackathon event will end at 2PM on Friday, Jan 25th  prior to Shabbat entrance.

Is the food Kosher ?

Yes the food is Kosher . Click to see Kosher certificate and  license.

Team and Acceptance

The Hackathon hosts teams of up to 5 people. Each team, including a list of team members,
should be registered for the event. Only teams that have registered will be able to attend the
After your team has registered, you may still modify your application and team members by
resubmitting the form and indicating that you are overwriting your previous registration.
Submissions will be evaluated for quality and suitability by an admission committee which
will decide whether the idea will advance to the Hackathon.
You will receive notice of the committee’s decision one week prior to the event via email.


Space is limited, so hurry up and register!

Hello BlueField - Running your first BlueField application

BlueField embed general purpose ARM cores that can do all you can dream about!
The easiest way to create an application on top of BlueField is to write your code in C and compile it directly using native compilation on the BlueField cores, or use your own system using the GCC ARM cross compilation for AARCH64.

For example, to create your own "Hello BlueField" program on BlueField, open a text editor (we will name the file hello.c):

          #include <stdio.h>

          int main()


                  printf("Hello, BlueField!\n");

                  return 0;


After which save the file and exit the editor. Finally, compile the program with GCC as follows:

# gcc -o hello hello.c

And run the program with:

           # ./hello

           # Hello, BlueField!

As simple as that!

Please see an example how to run on top BlueField with CentOS!


Hackathon starts
January 24th! TLV

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